Our goal at I'm Earth is for a just, and more healthy world. The challenges facing our planet are often met with the politically easy efforts, or simply dealt with by half measures. We are dedicated to raising awareness, and doing our part to lead in, and inspire change. Whether we are focusing on global climate change, hunger, lack of clean fresh water, or wildlife welfare, and human rights, we are committed to sharing, and spreading the uncomfortable truths, and demanding more than people think possible. The work is difficult, but the growing problems facing our planet and its people are not going way, and are too important for us to compromise.

Like so many people suffering, the wildlife, and the Earth itself, all are without a voice. We hope to be that voice, and speak out, raise awareness, educate, and most importantly make a difference.



We are planning for all a better, long-lasting tomorrow. Everyone should use the planet's resources in a way that ensures they will still be available for future generations. The environment belongs to all of us, so it is essential that we ensure natural resources are used in a way so that all people can lead healthy, fulfilling lives, and breathe clean air, drink clean water and enjoy a stable climate. We must live our lives in a way, so that all the world's creatures can have their day today, and tomorrow as well.

One World

Safeguarding the planet and its resources is intrinsically connected to the global struggle for social and economic justice. As long as greed, corruption, and corporate self-interest continue to pillage the planet, there will be no hope for equality, change, or a safe, secure road ahead. Our one identity is simply human beings. And as human beings, we strive to uphold the rights and dignity of all peoples. Freedom from oppression increases our power to create the change in the world we all seek.

Systemic Change

The world's problems have reached a turning point, to which convenient, slow-moving solutions will do little to reverse the course already set in motion. Corporations cannot be allowed to continue to profit by destroying the environment. We must raise awareness, and hold them accountable for the costs their pollution creates, and we must shift the focus from short-term profits to long-term survival, and prosperity.